Keeping New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Published 13th February 2018

Still going to the gym following your New Year’s resolution to lose some weight, to build muscle, to get fitter? Well done! You’re one of the 20% of people that are. Believe it or not, 80% of people that join a gym in January don’t even last the first month. Maybe they should call it a new month’s resolution?

Anyway, if you are still going strong then well done to you. If you’re not, what are you playing at? Come on, get back in the gym and get fit, pick up some weights and drop those pounds. Here are some tips for if you’re struggling to get motivated to go to the gym now you’ve hit a wall.

1. Get your head in the game
One of the biggest problems with going to the gym is actually a mental one. It’s easy to jump on a treadmill once you’re there, it’s actually taking the time to go and making an effort to get to the gym that’s the issue.

This can be sorted by really simple things. Placing your clothes next to your bed can make it much easier to jump out of bed and straight into gym clothes. It’s hard for everyone to go to the gym during glum winter mornings in January and February, so just make things easier for yourself.
Plan your day better. Often we don’t go to the gym cause we’re tight on time, so make sure you have your day planned with the odd ten minutes here and there to spare. Break down those mental barriers that are stopping you from going, if anything, smash through them and just force yourself to go. You’ll feel the benefits come the summer!

2. Find the right gym
It makes everything a hell of a lot easier if you’re comfortable with where you’re exercising. If you go to a gym based around bodybuilding full of men with biceps the size of your head when all you’re planning on doing is shifting a few pounds on the treadmill, that gym is probably not for you.
Do some research into the gym that suits you and your needs best. Whether it be the people there, the equipment, size or staff then you need to make sure you feel comfortable training around the people in there. If not it will become a lot easier to turn your nose up at the gym. The cheapest option is not always the best option or the one that’s right for you, it’s much more beneficial to spend a little bit more and make sure you’re in the right place than to waste your money on a membership you’re not going to use.

3. Find a partner
If you go to a gym local to you, there’s a strong chance you know someone there. It makes training so much easier and more enjoyable if you’re with someone and they’re in the same boat as you. The time will fly by when you’re nattering away as you train. You push each other to new levels and together you’ll see gains and improvements in your partner that you wouldn’t ordinarily see in yourself.

4. Set realistic goals
Let’s be honest, you’re not going to lose six inches off your waist after half an hour on the treadmill. The gym and the progress you’ll see is no quick fix. It takes months to shape your body how you imagine it in your head.
It takes preparation and planning of sessions as well as good execution. Work on your form when doing weights and ensure your targets are achievable. Don’t look at a target six months down the line, simply set one per month, or fortnight.

5. It’s not just the exercise that makes you achieve your goals
Make the gym and your fitness your lifestyle. Plan your sessions a week in advance, plan your meals, meal prep for work so you don’t have to dash to McDonald’s at lunchtime in a rush.

The gym is all about effort and ensuring you do things that supplement your workouts. There is nothing more satisfying than cooking a healthy meal at home that also tastes delicious. Everyone loves their stomach and taste buds to be happy, so cook meals that allow you to have a balanced diet and get the body you want.

Remember, a gym membership is for 12 months not just for Christmas, grab it with both hands and make sure your New Year’s resolution lasts the whole year, not just 31 days.