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Energie Fitness for Women Blackburn

Part of Energie Fitness For Women

Energie fitness for women in Blackburn is a fitness and weight-loss centre designed for the wellbeing of women, providing an informal, friendly, non-intimidating safe atmosphere where you can achieve your fitness, weight loss and inch loss goals.

Our unique understanding of the fitness and weight loss needs of women means that at our clubs you will find:-

  • Women only members – all with the same weight loss and fitness goals as you

  • No weights or difficult exercise equipment

  • A friendly, non-intimidating and social atmosphere

  • An incredibly easy to use circuit of exercise that produces stunning results

  • A completely hassle free 30 minute workout, just come in when you’re ready and leave 30 minutes later

  • A revolutionary 6 week fitness and weight loss programme that produces guaranteed results – or your money back.

We know that it’s not easy to take that first step towards getting fit, fully 80% of énergie fitness for women’s members have never visited a gym or health club before.

We guarantee that if you follow our 6 week programme and make the small commitment to exercise for just 30 minute sessions you will be amazed with the results you can achieve.

Did you know that you are 70% more likely to achieve results if you set out to get fit and lose weight with people who have similar weight loss goals? This is one of the reasons why our system is so effective because you gain motivation by being in an environment with other women just like you.

1st Floor (above Tesco Express), 75 Bank Top, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 1TA

  • Opening Times
  • Facilities

Monday 9.00am - 8.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am - 8.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am - 8.00pm
Thursday 9.00am - 8.00pm
Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm

Saturday 9.00am - 2.00pm
Sunday 9.00am - 12.00pm

  • 30 minute workout
  • 6 week fitness and weight loss programme
  • Friendly atmosphere

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